Katrina Labra


behind the blog...


In between university dilemma, boy dramas, casual encounters and a lot of teenage melodramatic everyday things, Katrina Labra started as an attempt (and miserably failed) at fashion blogging. It soon became an outlet for more feelings, drama and angst. Only this time, 8 years on, I'm a little bit older but none wiser. 

As I received my degree in Communications, I also soon left the blogging community and welcomed the world of media as an Assistant Editor for Zee Lifestyle. I was writing, going to events, getting published, making decisions and going to shoots - all while getting paid for it. It was everything I wanted. Or so I thought.

It took a lot of anxiety, sleepless nights and battles with myself (and a hell of a lot more alcohol, to be honest) to take a leap of faith. I left the glamorous world of publication. 

Today, life couldn't be any better. But as a Sagittarius, contentment is not an easy feat. To this day, I am learning, trying to improve and still waiting for life's greatest adventure. So here, welcome to my blog.  

Katrina Labra