Katrina Labra


Let Go


  1. The people who've caused you that shattering pain inside. There's no point in bringing them back into your life when all they do is trying to get out of it. Believe me dear, no one deserves a third chance... or a fifth.
  2. Your fears. Of spiders, making the first move, talking to that cute guy in the room, flying, never going to be able to travel the world, broken dreams and never meeting Prince Charming.
  3. The people who didn't reply, that varsity jacket from your ex, a ticket for your 'idol' that you didn't get to see, and your insecurities.
  4. That bad friend who didn't call you back or took too long to answer your 'Where the fuck are you? I got here an hour ago' texts. Who only talked to you when she/he needed something. Who got you into trouble for the craziest, illegal things. Who talked behind your back and called you names after all the things you've been through. Who broke the girl-code.(If there's a bro code, we have a girl code as well.) Who only hung out with you when she's alone and you're in the same building, coincidentally.
  5. The scary thought of being alone. Whether it is eating alone at a crowded restaurant or taking a trip to the beach alone. It's nice to have someone along to enjoy the company, but sometimes we all need a break from everyone and a 'me' time that doesn't only happen in the bedroom on summer nights like these.
  6. The people's thoughts of you. If you want to vomit at a club, do it because you feel sick. If you trip over, laugh because you're a clumsy bitch who just crash things over. Don't spend the day thinking of what people think about you, because they're all too busy of thinking what people think about them.
  7. Of your worries. Stop worrying about how you look, and go out in your sweatpants and messy bun when you feel like it. Stop worrying about getting rejected. Stop worrying about how you look in a bathing suit, because 20 years from now you'll say ''Damn, I looked good.'' Stop worrying about your future, live for the moment.
  8. Feeling bad. Feeling bad about your messy hair. Feeling bad that your too under dressed. Feeling bad about your smudged just-painted nails. Feeling bad about the 2 shades lighter foundation you picked up earlier.
  9. Being negative. ALL. THE. TIME.
  10. The need to fit in. You don't have to step on their stage, build your own instead.