Katrina Labra


On Rainy Weathers

This is the kind of weather where I just lay in bed, a tea by my side and a really good book to read. Actually, that’s what I think I would do in a gloomy, wet weather. But instead of relaxing and enjoying a good book in hand, I stress. I stress of everything I couldn’t do everything that day. All the plans ruined; all the things I could not finish. Having a scoop of Halo-Halo, such as. And today wasn’t any different from that. I am worried, and stressed and a bit more worried.  Why rain? Why must you cancel all my plans? What if today I was going to meet my future husband that I’ll make hundreds of babies with? Ugh.

As much as I want to say I love the rain, I just couldn’t do it. Apparently, I hate the rain.

I hate how people turned rain into an excuse to act all romantic. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well here are a few things I hate that people do while/in the rain.

  • The overly clichéd dancing, kissing, proposing, hugging, crying, running, playing with dinosaurs, building a Lego and other PDA moments all these ‘happy’ couples do. Okay, I get it. You want your life to be like the movies, just like Katy Perry. (I’m talking about her song; Perry’s life is already in a movie. Literally.)  But life is not a fucking movie, at least you can make it seemed like one. NO. Fuck you for being cliché, but I envy you for it.
  • Cuddling. Because you have someone to cuddle with, and I don’t. So don’t Instagram a photo of you and your boyfriend with a caption of ‘cuddle weather’ ‘cuddle time’ ‘cuddling while raining’ or anything of the same context. Don’t let these desperate 13 year olds cut off your limbs one by one, slowly but surely.
  • Canceled meetings you’ve prepared weeks for. No, the rain is not an excuse to toss off our planned coffee date or hang outs. It’s just a rain, it won’t kill you.
  • Traffic just got 10 times worse than the eleventh hour. I don't know why people all of a sudden come to the streets, drive around and when the rain is over, you disappear. Is it something like a homework you have to do when it rains? Drive around and cause traffic? It's like cars just pop out of nowhere, people suddenly runs across the street and I don't know what else they do when it rains.
  • The smell of after-rain. Because I can't smell it. Is there even a scent? That's strange.
  • Posts about the rain. Like this, because their posts are better than mine so I just sit here with my computer on my lap and pity myself for not being gift with such skill. Where did my talent go? Narnia?
  • Thoughts about the future. I'm sure this is just me, but every time it rains, I always get sentimental. That stated, I look out to the windows, play a sad instrumental music by Beethoven or any classical composers in this world, and think about my future and where I'm about to go. And now I'm thinking about that for my next post. Hmm.
  • Squeaky shoes. Because my shoes always, ALWAYS gets wet every time it rains. Water finds a way to go into my shoe, and I don't like it when I sound like a chimp or a penguin when I walk.

Okay, those are immature reasons on why I hate the rain, but just bear with me today. I'm feeling weird.