Katrina Labra


People You Meet in High School

Stereotyping is bad, but this is high school where are talking about. High school. 'Mature' 16 year olds. A lot of gossips, drama and pranks. Mind you, high school is only fun if you make it.
Pick your side, or run and hide.
  1. The Ms. Popular - These are the girls who everyone knows and is friends with the town. They come in groups, like the ones you see in the movies. But they aren't really much like the movies, they are gentler and sweeter, i suppose. But once you get in their way, watch out bitch, it's a living hell for you. They don't really differ that much as well. They have re-bonded hair, signature bags, trendy Forever21 or H&M head-to-toe outfits and a varsity boyfriend.  They only hang out with the 'it' group. They have iPhones, all their Facebook photos are by Mac's Photo-booth or an 'official' photographer and hangs out in shopping centers every Saturdays. 
  2. The Varsity Jocks - Yes you said it, they are the cream of the crop in a high school. They could be nominees for Caroline Flack's Top 100 Hottest High School boys. (See what I did there?) But no matter how perfect the way they flip their hair or how they lick their lips, if you are wise enough, do not fall in love for them. Because girls, they may be your version of Zac Efron but they will eat your heart out and their girlfriends (remember Ms. Popular?) will, yes, send you to hell - for staring at her boyfriend. So, do not stare. Also because staring is pretty rude.
  3. The Academically Gifted - The 'A' thieves. They ace every single tests given, surprise tests or not. They are the ones you see in the libraries and community services a lot. They are the kind of people who always ALWAYS has homework. And that is to remind the teacher that we have homework. (Thanks a lot) They are Mrs. Annoying-Religion teacher's little helpers. They are also the bullies' main target so they are usually seen with 'kick me' sticky notes, spilled milk on their shirts and broken glasses. And, they always have papers.
  4. The Emotional Team - Welcome to the wilderness of the drama club. They aren't necessarily the ones who tried out for a musical play, or the workshop, they are the overly sensitive people who pour their emotions out the moment they feel it. They are usually the girls - and sadly, boys - you see crying and being sentimental in the corner, during classes.
  5. The Michael Angelo's - The artists, yes. Their works are always in displays and gets a lot of credit for making an abstract painting of no one understands what. They carry huge backpacks and rolls of plastic tubes and gigantic rulers around. These people never NEVER stop doodling, from papers to hands, to wherever they can doodle. It's more like an obsession to them. Also, they are most likely the people you partner up with during group projects.
  6. The Glee - No, not the TV show you idiot. But these people always sing. In class, bathroom, hallway, field, cafeteria and trees. They are the bets for singing contests in school, or the country. They are like turtles, except they have guitars instead. Not to mention, they have match-y guitar pick necklaces.  They are also the ones drumming their fingers during a boring discussions. (I told you it wasn't us!) These guys are most likely to be best friends with the Emotional Team.
  7. The Goths - The Metallica avid fans who wear black eyeliner smudged all the way from Antarctica to America. They have earphones, at all times. They're favorite color is black, and they only wear black. They always keep a straight face and rarely talks to human. People believe that they can read minds, use black magic to get a B on the Math exam or talk to ghosts present in the room. But calm down, it;s just a myth. Juuuust a myth.
  8. The Party Goers - They know everything - about booze and parties. All their Facebook photos are either of them drinking, or of them drinking. Their statuses go from 'Getting ready for ____ party' at 4pm to 'Just got home. So drunk.' at 9 am, on a Sunday. They are the highlight of the party, or the cause of destruction - which is kind of the same thing. They are the ones handing out party invitations in the hallways and crashing a house party... from another school. They are also the ones responsible for the under the table booze parties during a laboratory experiment. Cha-ching!
  9. The Legends - These are the type of people you would or would not want to hang out with, depending on your personality. They are the troll master of high school, the greatest pranksters in the campus. They aren't necessarily the bullies because they never see the 'geeks' as the targets, but rather the teachers or school staffs. They are the class clowns who can make everyone laugh at any time. They are the ones responsible for tests moved next meeting due to period-long debates with the teacher. They are the organizers of unexpected scenarios in school, like an impromptu dance party or a food fight at the canteen. They are fun, hyper and everyone's favorite. 
Which one are you? Choose wisely, because there's no turning back.