Katrina Labra


It's Okay

We live in a time where everyone is fighting for perfection. We need to have the perfect tamed hair at all times, especially when we're drunk texting ours exes or riding a top down BMW, because we need to look good 99% of the day. Girls aren't beautiful without the flat belly and lean legs. Boys aren't 'cool' if he doesn't play a sport or doesn't look like an Abercrombie and Fitch model. But what people don't know is that perfection is still unreachable, and it has a plan on staying that way forever. Girls and boys, it's okay to not be perfect all the time. It's okay. It's okay to:

  • Not iron your hair in the mornings. And you don't have to take up 2 hours before just to perfect your hair.
  • Belly fats are okay. If you're healthy and happy, then why bother?
  • Messy hair is more than okay. Actually.
  • Not have a fair skin
  • Have a crooked teeth and bad nose.
  • Eat that double cheese burger and large coke
  • Not know how to flirt.
  • Not have a boyfriend at 16, or in my case, 18.
  • Be socially awkward. At some events in our lives, it's okay not to know how to react/respond correctly.
  • Not get A's all the time. To be successful, you must learn how to fail. 
  • Not look like a Victoria's Secret Angel.
  • Not wear makeup and still go out
  • Cry hysterically when you're drunk. (Only when you're with your close friends alright?)
  • Be athletically challenged. You don't have to play and be an MVP at every ball game
  • Become an evil beast on that time of the month. Because you can, and people are to fight you.
  • Eat that bar of chocolate
  • Drink whiskey and not give a fuck to the people who stares at you because whiskey tastes good and you love it
  • Be sentimental suddenly
  • Be calm when everyone is partying really hard but you're too tired to get sweaty and dance with a creepy crotch-rubbing guy.
  • Say NO.
  • Get really wasted at a club and vomit because fuck you
  • Wear vintage clothes because you're broke and it's cheaper
  • Quit school and chase your dreams.
  • Not look good in all photos you've taken.
  • Have a best friend who's prettier than you... and skinnier. ;)
  • Kiss the fuck out of that attractive guy you just met.
  • Believe that you will find your True Love and he'll never find a way to hurt you.
  • Eat a bag of chips and become a potato on the couch.
  • Read all the Twilight books and cry because it is that bad.
  • Stare at goats.
  • Be a fucked up sometimes.

Really, it's okay. :)