Katrina Labra


School Thoughts

What I think about in class:
  • Why does my class start so early? Now I'm late again
  • I hope my teacher wont show up I haven't had enough sleep from last night's movie marathon, with myself
  • Wait, we have a test?
  • And a HOMEWORK?
  • What time is it? Ugh there's still 45 minutes left
  • I'm hungry
  • Oh God, why is everyone staring at me? 
  • No, I wasn't talking! I was just asking my friend a question.
  • Why are they taking their papers out? What's happening? Somebody tell me what's going on
  • I wonder what my puppy is doing at home
  • I'm hungry
  • I wonder how being a cat feels like
  • I'm gonna have fries for lunch today
  • No sir, I'm not spending half of my allowance for that milkshake that looks really good. 
  • Mmm I do not regretting spending my money for this tasty milkshake I could probably make at home!
  • I'm hungry
  • How will I get home now?! Thanks a lot yummy-looking milkshake. Really, thanks a lot
  • jkshdfblkidsfbdmr Macarena lkjsdfkjjrfsd Macarena Heeeeey Macarena
  • What is the meaning of life
  • I think I just heard my name woah
  • Nobody informed me about this reporting!
  • What time is it?! 
  • What the fuck happened to x? Why did it wait what? Why is there huh okay I'm lost
  • Dear eyes, do your job and don't fall asleep
  • Group work great I can finally rest from sitting on fucking chair 
  • I'm hungry 
  • It's time already! Wait, not yet?
  • I want cheese
  • Ohmygod I don't have enough money for a snack
  • Why did I buy that milkshake?
  • Time to doodle!
  • Yes madam, neanderthals really interests me and I have to know what they look like, the shapes of their skull, their tools and fuck what else was that?
  • Fuckity fuck fuck fuck
Happy June and welcome back to school!