Katrina Labra


When You're Really Into Someone

When you're really into someone, you forget everything about relationships. You forget about the 'Dating Do's and Don't's' article on Cosmo, or that endless self-help dating blogs you've read last night. You wouldn't know how to act 'properly' in front of them. Your etiquette and manners goes from 100% to 0. Your laugh turns to a sound of a kraken taken out of its cage. And everything about you turns into a disgusting freak, and you feel stupid by the time you get home and realize what a tool you were in front of him. When you're really into someone, you change. You may either change completely in an instant, or you may change little by little. You start to care for the littlest things you do. You make sure you shave your legs every week, or iron your hair everyday - even when you aren't going out for the day. You now take a longer time to get ready when you meet him, making sure your eyeliner is in a perfect line and your dress shows enough cleavage but still leaving something for him to wonder. You notice every imperfections you have, every little quirks you've got, like how you change your hairstyle every 5 seconds because you've got the crappiest hair in the cosmos. And that would make you insecure of how you seem to people, especially to him.

When you're really into someone, you become a member of the 'hopeless romantic' group. You watch a lot of romance movies. A lot of them are by Katherine Heigl because every Rom Com fanatics knows she's the queen. You appreciate that old couple sitting on a bench at a park, holding hands. You don't  make a funny face when you see your friends cuddling with her boyfriend, instead you frown, get jealous and wish he was with you this very second. You make poems, songs, essays or whatever on love and happiness. But you wouldn't care because you think it's sweet. (No, don't let him read your work. It's creepy)

When you're really into someone, they become your own work of art. You notice every bits of that person. The way he looks down at his coffee before taking a sip, the way he cringes his nose every time he finds something disgusting or the way he flicks his hair. You just become obsessed, but not in a creepy way. You want to know every detail about him. Where he went for school? Did he take the school when he was in kindergarten? Who were his childhood friends? You will want to absorb them, as if you're a sponge waiting to be wiped off in a tub of water. You'll want to memorize them, every move and whatever he does. For a single information you have not received, you will kill to know.

When you're really into someone, you're happy. It's as if nothing could ever ruin your day. Not even an annoying 13-year-old in the mall cussing you off, or that woman at the bar head-to-toe-ing you because you couldn't be bothered anymore. You laugh more, even at the smallest things. You say 'yes' more to hanging out than staying at home for movie marathons with yourself.

When you're really into someone, you cling into the thought of forever and fairy tales. You don't want to imagine a life lived without that one person who makes you smile. You don't want to ask yourself depressing 'What if's. You like to think and create scenarios in your mind of you and the person in a place of no problems but happiness and prosperity. You re-enact those moments you've spent with him, even if it was that one time he smiled at you from a far during his football game. He becomes almost your everything and you don't want to wake up the next morning and wreck it all by trying to hold down one beautiful thing.