Katrina Labra


By Now

When I was 6, 18 seemed like an adult to me. I thought I would've found my version of the cliché Mr. Right. I thought I would have a decent job that paid thousands of bucks. I thought I would have done anything in my life by then. But that wasn't really it. I'm so close to turning 18 and I haven't done 80 percent of the things I've loathed to do. So by now, I thought

  • I've stopped putting my Disney pajamas on, laying in bed with chips and coke, and watching The Lion King over and over again.
  • I got over 90% of my embarrassing moments. That includes, peeing in class in 1st grade and putting things into someone else's groceries.
  • I knew what I exactly want in my life and I'm on the right way to get it.
  • I have a boyfriend who I can confidently call 'The One'. He goes with me wherever, even if it's just a lazy day at home and I'm in my pajamas - he wouldn't really care.
  • I am living in a studio apartment, with a roommate who knows how to cook, cheer me up and can deal with my infinite shifting moods.
  • I knew how to get things the right way and not screw up most of the time.
  • I knew how to cook every recipe in my mother's imaginary cook book and not settle for noodles and scrambled eggs on the days when I'm home alone.
  • I don't have to worry about being single forever, because I have a boyfriend who loves me and I love too much.
  • I've stopped munching on gummi bears but prefer drinking wine and picking roses on my garden, because that's what 18 year olds do.
  • I got over my undying love for unicorns... and how I actually want to be one. Seriously
  • I've been dead drunk, on a Saturday night, drunk flirt a guy I've met on a bar and smooch him all the way to my place and wake up the next morning without him in sight.
  • I have had a concert that held 13, 000 people on a huge stadium.
  • I have paparazzi's following me everywhere I go, and have Miley Cyrus tell them off.
  • I would remember to return phone calls and text messages more.
  • I would own my perfect Little Black Dress. Isn't it the right time to own one already?
  • I wore a full face of make-up wherever I go and have the perfect hair cut, style and color.
  • I can wear a white shirt and not spill drinks, sauce and food on  it.
  • I realized I'm not going to be a princess and own a magical castle and have Prince Charming sweep me off my feet.
  • I can  wear heels anytime and not look like a giraffe when walking.
  • I'd send Holiday cards out and remember birthdays more.

Someone needs to grow up.