Katrina Labra


That One Boy

We all have that boy. He's the boy we try to pretend we aren't looking for as we make our way to class. He's the boy you crane your neck for in a gathering you're sure he's going to attend. He's the boy who gives you the cliché butterflies and weakened knees when he texts 'Hi' at 10pm.  He's the boy who you hope to run into on your good hair days. He's the boy we take small bites on our lunch for, because you look nasty when you eat normally.  He's the boy who made us act all giddy and clumsy when he's around. He's that boy we cheer for at a sports game. He's the boy whose wink we go crazy for. He's that boy we talk about at sleepovers. He's that boy who calls you at 1am and brings you flowers randomly. He's the boy we bake cookies and sneak out of the house for. He's the boy who makes us pinch ourselves to test if this is reality. He's the boy we lie about and pretend not to care anymore. He's that boy why we have mascaras in our pillows.

He's the boy we're thinking  about while we're reading this.

I reckon every girl has this boy. He may not be the one for us, but he will always be there somewhere in our hearts.