Katrina Labra


16 Reasons Why I No Longer Know Somebody I Used To Know

One night, I casually lay on my bed, thinking. You know how your bed shelters all your deep thoughts, and questions of what could have been, what if's and why's? Yes, that. I was thinking of those. There are too many things I thought about that I couldn't even keep up with my pace. To mellow my mood, I played my 'Narnia' playlist along as I hope to sleep all my thoughts away. Halfway through the playlist, Gotye and Kimbra's song played. (You know what it is) And a question popped into my head. Why do I no longer know somebody that I used to know? 

  1. We were only classmates for a semester. On a class that I attended once.
  2. They changed their Facebook names too many times.
  3. Plastic Surgery. Oh, plastic surgery.
  4. Their Facebook profile picture is of their cats. And I forgot what they look like and I wouldn't recognize them when I run into them.
  5. You only talk to me when you need something from me.
  6. We met at a birthday party. When we were 6.
  7. I got tired of lying about movies I'd seen just to prevent them from citing the entire script.
  8. We met when I had a few drinks. Or I was drunk.
  9. They deleted me on Facebook. And Skype. And Google Plus.
  10. They don't text.
  11. Too much makeup. Way too much makeup.
  12. You asked me if I was DTF
  13. They moved 2837 miles away. Meaning, I can't fly 2837 miles just to have lunch with you. Either, Facebook me or lose me.
  14. I'm suffering from an acute selective memory loss from embarrassment over a funny YouTube video, drunken nights and traumatic karaoke experience.
  15. They hated my kind of music. You do not joke about 'my' kind of music. No, you do not.
  16. I can't remember your name.

I'm not talking about the used-to-be significant other, but just people I knew in general.