Katrina Labra


An Amateur Short Story

**This is a story I made for English class 3 years ago. I found it while 'cleaning up' my laptop. Enjoy the amateur writing by me!

                  The Promise                     

                A hot-pot of tea, cups and biscuits lay before us. Our bodies covered in warm thick cloth as we watch each other from across the room. I stretched my arm to grab a piece of biscuit.

                "Are you really leaving?" She asked, pushing her blonde hair to the back of her ear. I cracked the biscuits and chewed looking directly at her dazzling eyes. I didn't know what to say. Those eyes always makes me forget what to say.

                I remember the night when we first met. It was a party for a 7-year-old. I was playing trucks, she's playing dress-up. Our worlds didn't really connect, but they moment she grabbed my arm and race me to the tree house, I knew we were going to be friends a long time.

                We grew up together. I took Chemistry in sophomore year, she also did. We spent the weekends fishing, swimming, biking and climbing the Sycamore Trees. We had lunch and recess together. And most of the time, dinner at her place. We experienced everything together. I mean, everything.

                Senior Ball came, I was about to ask her to come with me but Jack Michaels, the man of her dreams, the Romeo to her Juliet, the pen to her paper,  asked her before I did. And that was the first time I lived an experienced without her.

                Since that night, we never get to go out together. No more late-night picnics at the park or kite-flying on the beach. The next thing I knew, Jack and her were together.

                I joined the Army when I turned 18. All I heard was that she and Jack are stilling dating and going strong, giving me not a little hope at all. I continued and finished the Army until I received a news.

                On the Eve of her wedding day, Jack ran off with Maia, her second best friend. People said the wedding would've been the "Wedding of the Year". Everything was polished. Her dress was made out of fresh roses, fresh white roses. The ring was a 24-karat diamond. But everything fell into pieces when the so-called Prince Charming left.

                I came back to New Jersey and reconnected with her. We relived our moments, but this time, it's sweeter. Everything was turning out well. Not until I received a call. Iraq has fired a nuclear bomb, making US send more soliders. And that leaves us both to this evening.

                A tear fell on her rosy cheeks. "Are you going to leave me? Like how Jack ran off with my best friend? and how my parents abandoned me?" She cried. I looked down to stop myself from seeing her pain. "You are, aren't you? Why didn't you tell me?" She asked, covering her face with her shaking hands. I didn't say a word. "I'm wasting my time here." She stood up and walked towards the door. But before opening the knob, I grasped her arm.

                " I didn't want to hurt you like how Jack did, I never will." I said. "You know why? 'Cause I'm not leaving you. I'm gonna come back." I looked into her teary eyes. "But what if-""There are not what if's Megan. I'm going to come back for you, and only you. Because I love you!" I exclaimed. "I have been for the past 23 years we've known each other. That's why I'm coming back." She was stunned. Not a word came out of her mouth, for a moment. When I smiled, she also did and to my surprise, she kissed me. I felt the tears in her cheeks while my lips were pressed onto hers. But the smile on her lips that moment is what made me fight to come back from this battle.

                I was sitting on my front porch when a messenger came in to deliver a telegram. I was shaking as I opened it. I read the first line and broke down. He promised. He promised.