Katrina Labra


Date A Girl

Date a girl who reads. She'll be lost in reality, trapped in a fantasy of her own and stuck in a world she created but once she closes a book, she always comes back home - to you. She carries a book with her anywhere. But you can never keep track of what it is because she's reads so many that she, herself, lost count. Come look for her in a coffee shop, draped in books and coffee stains and be amazed of how amazing she is. Date a girl who writes. She smokes and drinks, but you'll never find her in pubs. Instead, you’ll find her in a messy room, full of scratches of paper, chugged vodka bottles and cigarette butts. She has a stained-ink on her loose shirt and everywhere else on her body. Her hair in a bun and thousands of ideas clouding over it. Her coffee mugs are downed to the bottom, leaving stains on her paper. But it doesn't bother you as much because you know writing makes her feel like she's got a voice in a world where no one listens but to themselves. But with all the empty boxes of cigarettes and finished bottles of alcohol, she's still amazing and you know it.

Date a girl who drinks. She knows how to have fun. She exactly knows how to carry herself in different kinds of people. You can take her to the grandest balls or in the slimmest city, she'll know how to act around it. You'll find her in bars with a glass in one hand, or in a pub with her friends, drinking. In fact, you'll find her anywhere with a glass of something. She's almost never sober, but she carries herself like one. And that's when you silently applaud and know that she is amazing.

Date a girl who does not drink. She’s never had alcohol in her life but she doesn't looks down on a person who drinks. She knows how to hold a glass of wine, but only because she took up fine dining during her High School. She loves the smell of a sparkling white wine, but refuses to sip. Her cooking is indefinite, exquisite. She can hold up a conversation on politics and points out ideas on other intellectual  She's the shy one. She's the quiet one. She's the feminine type, the wife material. And she's amazing.

Date a girl who loves to travel. Her room is full of maps and maps of places she’s never been to. She has a checklist and mock plane tickets pinned on her walls of navigation and more maps. The way she talks about places is almost like you're there yourself. She tells you the most intricate and detailed adjective for the place. Her passion for travelling is just as much as your passion for her.

Lastly, forget all the girls mentioned. Date a girl who makes you happy, whether you're both enjoying a drink or backpacking to Mozambique. She may be a girl who reads but can't write or a girl who writes but does not drink. She's the girl who you wake up to a morning where you don't have to sneak out and never call again. She's the girl who makes you tea in the morning and coffee in the afternoon. She's the girl you're willing to pay dinner for. She's the squinting and giddy girl on the other line by the time she hears your voice. Or the girl who you can do weird things with and not feel awkward around her. Or she could be the girl who takes you in so many levels of happiness that you've never thought was possible. And when you find this girl, grab her and never let her go.