Katrina Labra


10 Signs You're Infatuated, Not In Love

  1. You met him 5 seconds ago
  2. You have all his numbers. You have his cell phone number, his home number, his fax number, his dad's number, his mum's friend's cousin's number, his friend's girlfriend's niece's number
  3. When you have a diarrhea, he's not the first to know
  4. You're not in love because you have to take so much time debating with yourself to text him first or not. You have to wait for him to text you, and obsess over the fact that he didn't add a smiley at the end of his sentence
  5. Your voice is high-pitched when talking to him, whether it's over the phone or in person
  6. You act cute and wobbly in front of him, because you think it's cute
  7. All your photos consists of him and you, you and him, you, him, him and his car, him and his food, him and his granny, him and his toy car. With a bonus, #lovehimforever #weregettingmarriedin12098years #weresoinloveomgyes #soulmates
  8. He hasn't seen you without makeup on. Maybe because you might just scared the shit of him
  9. Your friends know all about him, head to toe, but they've never even met him
  10. Your wallpaper is a photo of him. I'm not talking about phone wallpaper, I mean, room wallpaper