Katrina Labra


How She Loves You

She loves you if she makes you soup when you’re sick. The kind of soup you’ll want to always get sick for. She also makes you sandwiches. Peanut butter and jelly with Corn Flakes. Grilled Cheese. Turkey Sandwich. She loves you if she makes surprises for you. She remembers important dates like your birthday, anniversary and your mum’s birthday. She remembers to give you gifts that you would genuinely like and picks a gift for your mum beforehand because you forgot, again.

She loves you if she cuddles with you. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, what the weather is like, how you look and smell or if you’re stressed out or not. She just finds the right time to make you feel happy.

She loves you if she thinks about you when you’re not around. Little things around her remind her of you. Like the guitar pick you’ve never touched for ages or a cup of tea, and text you. She thinks about where you’d go on your next date, what you’re going to do when you come home, what movie you’re going to watch next. She also remembers you need a scotch tape, so she picks one up for you because she’s running errands.

She loves you if she writes you poetry, letters and little things like that.

If she reads her favorite poem/book aloud - yes, she loves you.

She loves you if she plays Call of Duty because you’re addicted to it. She’s going to spend time ‘trying’ to figure out how to beat you, but she still lets you win in the end.

She loves you if she plans your future together. Whether it’s a concert in 4 months, or baby shower in a week, placing you in their future means she sees a future with you.

She loves you if she does anything to make you happy. If she goes an extra mile for your cup of tea, or bring you Panda Express on the days you’ve been craving Chinese food.

She loves you if she respects your opinions and decisions but doesn’t bribe you in to her own thoughts and opinions you oppose.

Yes, she loves you if she doesn’t put you down. May it be words or actions, she never make you feel you’re less than what you’re worth because she knows you’re more than just that guy she met and fell in love with.

She loves you if she makes you happy. If she makes you smile in ways you thought was impossible. If she shares the same sense of humor as you. If she checks up on you but not so constantly that you can call her clingy. If she makes you giddy and mushy.

She loves you if she tells you she loves you.