Katrina Labra


How To Walk Away

''How do you look at one person in the eye and tell yourself to walk away?'' You wont. You just walk away. You're going to walk away because this time, you're gonna do it for yourself - not for him, not for your friends, not for your family, not for anyone. It's going to be hard, I tell you, but it's going to be worth it. It'll be worth more than the day you said 'yes', or the day when you sneaked out at 3 in the morning to meet him in his bed. It'll be worth more than all the roses and butterflies in your belly he gave you, or the silly dates you had. Even more than the day you decide to give up your friends, family and yourself all for him. Or the moments you're stripping every layer of pride for his forgiveness. It will hurt, but walking away is going to be worth it.

You're going to walk away, because you're important too.