Katrina Labra


You Can't Make Everyone Happy, And That's Okay

On nights when the dawn awaits to meet the rays of light, I think about people. They fascinate me. People, in general. Some go out in the wild and look for something. Some wake up at 1 pm,  eat and call it a breakfast. Some stay up all night and whine. Some makes a living at 3am. Some makes no living at all. Then I thought of the ones who do something for the sake of others. They make me sad. I never understood how people can do things that does not make them happy. I could never do that, you know. I think it's such a waste to throw your own happiness for someone else's. What most people do not realize is that in 2, 3, 10 years the sacrifice they did for someone will not be remembered. Eventually, people will forget how you broke someone's heart by telling him to 'suck his balls' just for your drunk friend. It's going to pile up in the mountains of other people's sacrifice for someone else's. It will be there, stagnant, forgotten.

But hey, do you think all those hassle, embarrassment and wrong move was worth for all the things you've done for everyone other than yourself?

Sometimes, you just have to remind yourself that it's better to make yourself happier than others, because you're important too.

You only die once, might as well die smiling.