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Life's Little List of To Do

Long before, I have avoided creating plans for my future. Of the endeavors I’m about to take part in, it is of my great intent to accept them in a come-what-may situation — be it of great or worse.

But to have something to think about for when I’m unoccupied is not a crime. Here is a list of the few little things I would want to soon do. Although it may be too ‘dreamy’ or, for the lack of better term, ‘stupid’, these are the things I WANT and with that, you can’t have a say on this.

  1. Travel the world. Or at least half of it — I have always had an adventurous spirit and climbing trees has always been my favorite pastime when I was much younger. To travel, by foot or flight, will give me a sense of

  2. Own a little farm — In a farm with a little, wooden house, a few trees and countable animals, is where I would build a home and a future.

  3. See different suns in each waking day

  4. Find love — He’ll be the person I’d share my stories to even the ones I refuse to tell.

  5. Create tight bonds — To take down the walls I build between myself and other people. To trust again. To never doubt again. To remind myself that there are people willing enough to take the seas for you.

  6. Create lasting memories — To always remember that on your deathbed you wont be looking back at on time you got really low on your paycheck or that night you stayed in bed drinking copious amounts of coke. Have a flashback that’s worth a ‘‘Created by Vince Gilligan’’ at the end.

  7. Make happiness a constant thing — Although sacrifices may have to be done from time to time, do things that makes you sip your coffee at peace. Don’t do things where you will have to say anything to help you sleep at night. Because life is the only thing you got, might as well make it good.

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