Katrina Labra


Umm, hi?

Life has a funny way to bringing all the things that you could ever want and all the things you prayed to never have. I have finally graduated college, fulfilling the dreams of my parents. And now, I am left with the responsibility to become a full functioning adult. I am expected to pay bills on time, with my own money, find a job that will both pursue my life-long dream (I still don't know what that is) while having a really good pay off it and soon, find a husband that will love me and cherish my annoying ass.

Wow wow wow. If I knew all these were waiting for me, I would never have graduated. Stay in school, kids! For as long as you can.

But then again, maybe being an adult isn't so bad. I mean, I am now fully responsible with my time. I can spend ALL DAY re-watching Gossip Girl and spend my 30's still job hunting. Or I can work my ass off right now, and hopefully retire earlier than 65 years old. What a delight!

And so, this is me. A fresh graduate, wasting my time away on this blog. Because, what else am I to do? Seriously. Anybody? HELP????

PS. Don't expect this will be my come-back post. I might be gone for another year. Again.