Katrina Labra


This Year...

  1. Let go. Of all the things you don't have in control of. E.g., What others say, think, feel, or do - or most of life. When we learn to let go of these things, the more we have control over it. Ironically.

  2. Read more. Write more. Not only because it is necessary, but most of all, because I enjoy it. What could be better than that? Also because I'm starting to be really shitty at writing. OR... have I always been? I'll be damned.

  3. Be honest. With myself and people around me, each day, everyday. Rid of lies to help you sleep at night, because by being honest will we only truly attract the people we need and deserve. Leave the bullshit in 2016. (See 1.)

Happy 2017, folks!