Katrina Labra


Some Sort of Update (If You Can Call it That)

What I learned from sticking to my last year's resolutions:

  • Honesty is surely easier said than done. Last year, I tried to be more open with what I feel and communicate better. And godamnit was it hard. I learned that what comes after the staggering truth and nerve-wracking moments awaiting a response is one of the best things that happened to me. Speaking out and being honest about what you want can be a ripple that touches many. It is powerful.

  • Letting go takes hard work. But at the end of the day, it sure is worth it. In 2017, I let go of things that seemed nice but never what I truly want. I let go of other's perceptions of me, even if that means what my family thinks is best for me. I stopped letting what others had to say bother me. I let go of those who do me no good and those that preferred to keep a safe distance, just enough to exist but never really there. I also let go of many, many doubts and fears. I am however in no right to say I have nothing left of that. I am still very much scared of spiders.

  • Leaving behind things you are used to can hurt but it could also be the best thing that's ever happened. It was where I found the things I never knew I needed and wanted the most. As I let go, I found peace within as I tuned out the other voices in my head. I found control in choosing what matters the most to me. I found spontaneity in every choice I make. And lastly, I found the courage to love deeply and honestly.