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How to Get Through a Shitty Day

I love getting older. I can finally spend my money on things I like without feeling guilty about it, go home at whatever time I want and to travel, just because. But in between all the good stuff about being an adult, a lot of time is spent in anxiety, stress and hovering around wondering when my client will get around the invoice I sent two weeks ago.

I try to be as responsible as I can. I keep up with my skincare religiously, even when I'm piss-drunk from a night out (not really, but I try). I practice thinking twice before I react in an argument, maybe even try being mature by talking things out. I get up at the most comfortable time I can. Which means that I listen to my body. Which also means that I can get up anywhere between 7am to 11am.

However, getting older also means more responsibilities. And some days things like to test my positivity - a value I am not the strongest in. The monthly PMS, a snob, overnight dishes on the kitchen sink, unpaid invoices or cheapskate clients.

When I am having a particularly shitty day, there are some things I like to do to make it a little bit better.





Drink wine. Lots of it.

If you don’t drink wine, tequila! Just kidding. But not really. There’s something about alcohol that makes the shitty day better. Whether it’s the company, the conversations or the momentary blur, it makes me feel better. At least, only until I go to sleep. The next day is a different story.       

Treat yourself

Is it just me or do we all get a little bit happier when all the muscle knots are out, our backs massages and all the panuhot are released? Massages are great. Also, shopping is a good release too.

Get out

Sometimes I find myself staying in bed for hours when I am sad. Getting some fresh air or abog (if you live in Cebu) can help to get your mind off things.

get some good ass sleep

When you’ve done everything you can, spent all your money on alcohol and stuff, maybe the best thing to do is to take off all that gunk on your face, cozy up in your sheets with your favorite pyjamas and get some rest. After a long day, a big hug from a significant other or a loved one does the trick for me too.


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