Katrina Labra


Creating New Habits

I’m not gonna lie. I love being productive even when I’m lazy. It’s one of my many defining and confusing qualities . You should also know I have a problem with staying on track. I get easily distracted and bored and will jump onto the next best thing. And in my case, it’s usually all the ones not good for you. Like staying up late and reaching for my phone first thing in the morning.

Sure, I like to snuggle in bed all day and have heard from boyfriends how much I love naps. There’s a reason why that’s in my bio, you know. Which is why working from home has benefited me the most. I earn money without getting up from bed. The dream job!

But, like I said, I’m great at bad habits. Many new year’s resolutions have never left the paper. And with shame, it will stay unchecked. (See: get abs)

This year is about changes for me. It has been for some years now. While it’s mostly because settling into a new place forces me to, it’s also about damn time.



Waking Up Early

My mum still recalls (and mentions again and again) how hard it was for me to wake up for school since I was in pre-school. Classes start at 8am and at 7:30am, I am still curled up in bed, pouting and whining. Not much has changed. I like to think I get ready in under 10 minutes even when I know that by the time is up, I’m still putting on my clothes - and that’s on a good day. On really bad days, I’m still in my scalding hot shower.

This one is very hopeful of me. They say you accomplish more when you wake up early. But they also say to wake up early, you must sleep early. I love sleeping in and staying up late. But also, I love waking up mid-sunrise on the rare occasions that I do. Everything is peaceful, calm and I don’t have to rush. I also don’t sulk in bed regretting I’ve wasted the entire day in bed.

getting dressed

I work from home which also means 99% of the time, I’m in my pajamas. This year, I’m putting in more effort and start getting dressed. No, I won’t be putting just a nice top and stay in my pyjamas for video meetings. I will put on the clothes I buy and save for the days I ‘go out’ and actually put them to use. They make me happy and I heard it also makes you more productive.


My issue with planners is that it's always too much to too little. My days are never packed enough for a daily planner. Weekly’s also have too little space and often halves the weekend. I also like to see my week in full page, with a nice, even layout. And I just can’t find the perfect thing. I’m using the Moleskine Weekly Diary but, no.

So yes, what I’m saying is, prioritize the important stuff and keep a day for the fun ones.

be healthier

I love all things sweet, full of carbs and being lazy. This year, it’s simple: eat in moderation and slip in an exercise or two.